Using Social Commerce to Drive Sales and Gain Customer Insights

For European home goods brands trying to break into the US market, paid social media marketing is an effective and efficient way to target direct-to-consumer audiences.

The Ask

Provide audience research and a messaging strategy to help launch the Costa Nova brand in the US.

Our Solution

At [B]RIGHT Brand Performance Group, we believe the best way to learn the wants and needs of an audience segment is to put messages into the market and see what works. For Costa Nova, we performed in-market testing on over 70 variations of different value propositions. We were able to determine the three core wants and needs for the DTC home goods audience: self-expression, features and benefits, and versatility.

Activation and Marketing

With our new understanding of the audience’s core wants and needs, we developed extensive audience targeting strategies around the campaign’s KPIs of traffic, engagement, and conversion.

The in-market testing also allowed us to more precisely segment Costa Nova’s audiences and identify the actionable motivations for each segment. In addition to gaining greater insights into the brand’s high-value audience segments, we identified which messages, ad variations, formats, channels, and placements performed best for each group.

4.48% Campaign click-through rate


  • Audience Research, Segmentation, and Prioritization
  • Market Analysis
  • Multichannel Strategy and Planning
  • Paid Media Activation and Management
  • Performance Insight Reports
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