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At [B]RIGHT Brand Performance Group, everything we do is custom-designed for the needs of each client. Through our processes, our deliverables, and our ongoing client service and support, we strive to always produce performance solutions that are efficient, targeted, and reflective of your brand.

We have developed a handy toolbox of trusted products that deliver insights, competitive benchmarking, and content creation—almost instantaneously. These tools will help you understand your brand’s audience better, measure your performance more accurately, benchmark your website’s efficacy with precision, compare your social strategy versus your competition’s, and delve deeper into e-commerce and transactional data.

Tools to Illuminate Your Audience, Brand, and Category Knowledge

Consideration Spectrum Program

The Consideration Spectrum Program from [B]RIGHT identifies key characteristics of your potential consumers at each stage of their journey. Once that is complete, we deliver a messaging plan to move your consumers toward engagement and conversion.


  • Discovery Session/Evaluation Form
  • Wants and Needs
  • Triggers
  • Attributes and Preferences
  • Barriers and Obstacles
  • Media Consumption Habits


  • Messaging Matrix
  • Customer Journey
  • Opportunity Grid
  • Flexible Personas
  • Audience Panels
  • Predictive Analysis (Segmentation, Predictive Transactional/Commerce, Marketing Mix Models)

Brand Activator Program

Our Brand Activator Program distributes new or existing brand assets to a targeted group of consumers using an appropriate mix of email, social media, influencer contributions, and paid media that ensures maximum return on your investment.


  • Audience Identification (Audience Research and Segmentation)
  • Channel Prioritization (Channel-Specific Strategies and Mix Based on Scope, Scale, and Pace)
  • Asset Distribution (Existing or Created)
  • Custom Reporting Dashboard

The Brand Performance Assessment

Our Brand Performance Assessment will provide you with an up-to-date macro overview of how hard, and how efficiently, your marketing assets are working for your brand. The Brand Performance Assessment will identify shortcomings and challenges, as well as recommended remedies for those weaknesses.


  • Brand Analysis
  • Content Audit
  • Social Landscape Competitive Analysis
  • Website and SEO Audit
  • Social Media Audit

Consumer and Brand Conversation Insights

If your brand needs help keeping tabs on the competition, the latest trends in your category, or consumer sentiment, [B]RIGHT can provide you with a real-time overview of what consumers are saying online about you, your competition, and your category.


  • Trending Hashtags, Consumer Sentiment, and Volume
  • Branded Mentions, Trending Topics, Sentiment, and Volume
  • Category Sentiment and Topic Volume
  • Influencer Category Discovery, Volume, Branded Impressions, and Engagement Rate
  • Website Page Tracking
  • Branded Term Tracking

The [B]RIGHT Dashboard

[B]RIGHT can deliver a quick and scalable activation framework. With the correct metrics targeted, we can reverse engineer performance and success using real data points. We consider average order value, lifetime value, and other metrics to define and activate your brand with strategies and tactics devised to drive down your cost per acquisition (CPA) through in-market testing within two to three months.


  • Learning Plan: Relevant, Defined, and Trackable Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Leading Indicators (KLI)
  • Monthly Complete Campaign Insights
  • Real-Time Report Dashboard

Custom Data and Insight Reports

Do you want to model an audience using syndicated data sources to identify reach and addressability to inform channel selection? Do you need to delve into keyword research, but lack the proper tools?

At [B]RIGHT, we use an enterprise data stack to inform all our audience, activation, and attribution strategies. We have the experience and the tools to help your brand punch above its weight.


  • Secondary and Category Data
  • Syndicated Data
  • Search and Keyword Data
  • Social Listening Data
  • Influencer Discovery Data
  • Competitive Benchmarking and Analysis

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