We illuminate data-informed digital solutions to help your brand succeed in an increasingly complex marketing landscape.

The Evolving Nature of Marketing

Businesses made products. Marketers sold the products. Consumers bought the products. Everyone was happy.

But then everything changed. Now, nothing works the way it used to. The way it's supposed to. Businesses are working smarter than ever, yet the results are less effective, less efficient, and less predictable.

What We Do


Using primary, secondary, syndicated, search, and social listening data, [B]RIGHT helps you identify the audience segments that offer the biggest opportunity for your brand.

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By examining digital media consumption habits, [B]RIGHT helps you locate where your audience segments spend their time, and how to most effectively, and efficiently, activate them.

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With our attribution framework, [B]RIGHT develops a learning plan that allows us to drive performance and identify a scalable cost per result in an accelerated timeframe.

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How We Help

We work with brands to create measurable tactics and strategies that prioritize audiences and channels to ensure optimal performance and maximum growth.


Business Problems We Helped Solve

Driving Sales and Real-Time Customer Insights Through Social Commerce

Driving Sales and Real-Time Customer Insights for Luxury Bedding Brand

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Multichannel Content Marketing

Multi-Channel Content Strategy, Creation, and Distribution for Arhaus

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Audience Opportunity Identification

Using Data Synthesis and Audience Segmentation to Identify Brand and Audience Opportunities

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Multichannel Media and Marketing

Reaching a New Target Audience and Driving Store-Traffic Conversions with A Multi-Faceted Media Activation

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Lead Generation and Local Awareness

We were tasked with crafting lead generation strategies to drive awareness of local agencies, and to directly funnel leads to the agency's sales pipeline.

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Direct-to-Consumer Strategy

Using Social Commerce to Drive Sales and Gain Audience Insights

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Audience and Go-to Market Strategy

Prioritizing Audiences for a Go-To-Market Strategy

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Multichannel Social Media Marketing

Using Social Media to Create Awareness and Drive Online Reservations

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Peloton's Niche Marketing

Peloton knows its audience, so instead of wasting marketing dollars trying to capture the attention of consumers who won’t be as receptive to aspirational messaging they focus solely on their niche audience.

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