Our Activation and Attribution Methodology

There is a blueprint to brand and marketing success. We see it over and over again. The brands that are successful, over time, with sustained profitability and growing revenue all have the following three core aspects as part of their focus:

1. They harness data for all sales and marketing (data-informed activation and measurement strategies)

2. They create branded impressions that are memorable (nuanced, aspirational, lifestyle-centric brand expression)

3. They have a strong and distinct Point of View in their vertical (a unique positioning with values, consumer and brand, that overlap at its core)

Together, these 3 core foundational brand requirements (data-driven, unique POD, and memorable brand expression) allow for consistent, scalable, dynamic brands that are future-proof, agile, and memorable. This is central to addressing the evolving landscape brands find themselves in these days.

At [B]RIGHT, we develop data-informed strategies with a singular purpose—achieving consistent, meaningful, unique, relevant, and resonant brand impressions that lead to a high volume of predictive conversions.

This is how we do it:

The importance of clarity and consensus. Communicating precisely and effectively about complex strategies and tactics in an ever-evolving landscape is key, and imperative, to client and brand empowerment and success.

We research, explore, and organize your data. We help you harness, curate, explore and organize your first-party data to identify opportunities for growth.

We harness our proven process to understand your business challenge and develop statistical models that work. We conduct exploratory analysis of your data, harness machine learning, build, create, and test prototype, optimize and scale the data model.

We identify your consumer(s) needs. We help you determine which audience segments offer the biggest growth opportunity for your brand.

We locate, engage, and convert your audience. We help you locate where your audience segments spend their time and how to most effectively, and efficiently, retain or convert those consumers.

Optimize, adapt, learn, and repeat. Every day channels add, or remove features, increase targeting options, tweak their algorithms, introduce new formats, and so on and so forth. Brand activation is about being channel-agnostic and activating based on the greatest audience opportunity, not agency preference.

Reducing waste. Our expertise, along with our managed media ad-tech framework, allows us to reduce media waste, filter and eliminate spam and bot traffic, optimize for content and formats that are valued by feeds and algorithms, and create content and messaging, at scale, that is resonant and relevant to your most important audience segments.

We forecast and manage expectations with our learning plan. We develop a learning plan with measurable goals, objectives, KPIs, and a tangible ROI/ROAS path so that we align and have consensus of what constitutes success with all internal stakeholders.

Activation and Attribution Strategies—Illuminated

To achieve your marketing and measurement goals, we use the following strategies and tactics:

Website Strategy, Design and Development

Our approach to website strategy begins and ends with people. We start by building a robust content strategy based on real consumer data, and then we build a user-friendly and SEO-focused architecture with responsive and mobile-first designs prioritized. [B]RIGHT can assist you with full-service development, or we can focus on any phase of the process, from architecture to core model sessions, wire-framing, prototyping, UI design, copywriting and editing, migration, QA and testing, go-live and documentation, CMS training, and continued, consistent content creation.

Managed Media Services

More than ever, brands need to be focused on ROI, or return on ad spend (ROAS), when it comes to paid media. So when you’re ready to activate your brand, you need a partner that will perform and show honest metrics to back up that performance. At [B]RIGHT, we offer a suite of managed services that can help you execute multichannel paid media campaigns at scale. Our focus is to activate, learn, optimize, and then measure performance so your brand can effectively qualify your channel-specific ROI or ROAS.

Lead Generation

At [B]RIGHT, we refer to lead gen as New Business Development because that’s how we approach it—using proven new media tactics to create lasting customers. If you’re a B2B brand looking for key accounts, we will help you create relevant impressions and new connections. If you’re a DTC brand looking for social commerce success, we will use dynamic retargeting strategies to not only increase your customer base, but also to increase your revenue and customer lifetime value.

Reporting and Performance Insight Dashboards

At [B]RIGHT, we define the measurable metric(s) and activate, manage, optimize, and adapt so that you have a custom experience and real-time reporting at your fingertips. We do this using real-time dashboards, weekly action plans, our path-to-acquisition methodology, and in-depth monthly learning plans that are all built to empower your brand to make accurate, proactive adjustments to changes in the landscape. We’ve developed multiple ways for teams and marketers to gain insight and access to all metrics and performance benchmarks.

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