Driving Sales and Real-Time Customer Insights Through a Short-Duration Social Commerce Promotional Campaign for Luxury Bedding Brand Lili Alessandra

For beloved and rapidly growing Texas-based luxury bedding brand Lili Alessandra, understanding its direct-to-consumer marketing strategy in today’s unfriendly retail space helped them reprioritize sales channels and focus on instant sales while also gaining valuable, actionable, and scalable customer insights to act upon in the future.

The Ask

Lili Alessandra came to us through our inbound marketing efforts, and as soon as we heard their goals, their brand vision, and their long-term strategic mission, we knew that we shared some core values and that a long-term partnership was budding. Lili Alessandra wanted to seek out and understand the answers to two distinct asks:

  1. What does Lili Alessandra’s DTC audience look like? Traditionally, they’d been selling predominantly to retailers through B2B strategies, but in the long term, they hoped to receive guidance in understanding and activating a DTC strategy effectively.
  2. What will Lili Alessandra’s channel strategy look like in two(or five, or even ten) years in a volatile retail landscape?

Our Solution

At [B]RIGHT, we believe that understanding your audience and owning your customer data are two equally important aspects of marketing in the current climate. So we recommended a multichannel marketing activation with thematic messaging and granular custom audience targeting to pinpoint performance for each type of audience segment.

This way we were able to implement an in-market test to glean audience preferences, performance, and efficacy (while simultaneously driving sales and revenue) by:

  • Channel and placement
  • Ad format
  • Messaging theme, copy, and CTA
  • Audience group and segment
  • Targeting parameters

Activation and Marketing

For a shortened-duration activation, optimization for performance is hyper-important, and setting up the campaign for fast learning is imperative. Conversion points must be reached as fast as possible to get the campaigns out of the learning phase and into a scalable blueprint with confidence in under seven days.

For the creative campaign strategy, we developed four slightly different thematic value propositions that allowed us to measure efficacy and performance based on theme, copy, and call to action. We deployed the campaign with a number of different ad formats, including image, video, and dynamic ad features.

Our targeting strategy was segmented into retargeting and acquisition objectives. We utilized custom audiences and engagement tactics to retarget in a highly relevant manner. And from a new customer acquisition and awareness standpoint, we utilized targeting attributes like age group, gender, interests, connections, and household income to develop actionable and measurable insights.

We wrapped these targeting attributes in a geo-targeted area based on the top 10 states and top five cities to ensure that we activated prudently in a short window and created favorable brand impressions in front of a known core audience. Not only were we able to hit our projected revenue goal, but we were also able to increase overall sales revenue from their previous promotion by over 129%, with the added bonus of owning their customer data and insights for our next planned collaboration and promotion.

4.84 ROAS
129% Increased Revenue
18% AOV Increase
92% Increase in Transactions


  • Audience Research and Prioritization
  • Market Analysis
  • Paid Media Activation and Management
  • Performance Insight Reports
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