Reaching a New Target Audience and Driving Store-Traffic Conversions with a Multifaceted Media Activation Plan

We helped Pratt & Lambert, a premium paint brand and longtime client, to refocus its brand around a new audience through an offer-based social media campaign.

The Ask

Help increase Pratt & Lambert’s relevance to professional painters while still maintaining the brand’s resonance with do-it-for-me and designer audiences.

Our Solution

Our partner agency, Britton Marketing & Design Group, brought us in to assist with a data synthesis project, looking at primary, secondary, syndicated, search, and social listening data. Once we had segmented and prioritized audiences based on the greatest opportunity for growth, we made channel selections that would most effectively reach the pro painter audience.

The solution we came up with was to drive awareness and store traffic through an exclusive offer partnership with Purdy, a heritage paint applicator brand that is trusted by the pro painter audience. For this effort, our team crafted a messaging strategy and a multichannel media and activation strategy around a predetermined set of dealers.

Activation and Marketing

For the Purdy partnership offer campaign, channels for activation included direct mail, social media, and native content. We also activated dynamic programmatic ads, so the [B]RIGHT team was able to learn which message variations, placements, demographics, and creative resonated with the pro painter audience, and then we optimized the content of the new ads based on engagement and performance metrics such as relevance score, frequency, click-through rate, and clicks.

Monitoring how the pro painter audience engaged with this campaign allowed us to collect data and learn more about this audience’s messaging and channel preferences for future campaigns and engagements.

24,7K Campaign clicks
6,5MM Total impressions
11,3K Social post engagements


  • Audience Research, Segmentation, and Prioritization
  • Data Synthesis and Modeling
  • Market Analysis
  • Multichannel Strategy and Planning
  • Paid Media Activation and Management
  • Performance Insight Reports
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