Using Multichannel E-commerce Strategies, Management, and Activation to Drive Sales for an Upscale Menswear Brand

For most apparel brands, e-commerce represents the only path toward a sustainable future.

The Ask

Convert the brand’s existing retail customers into online shoppers, and identify and convert new e-commerce customers.

Our Solution

To present a sustainable solution to Scott Barber, as opposed to simply delivering leads, we needed to give this client a deeper understanding of how their current and future audiences found brands online, how they shopped, and how they converted. To do that, we used syndicated data and activated audiences through in-market testing of different ad types on Facebook, including Carousel and Collection ads, for efficacy measurement in real time.

Activation and Marketing

Using a multichannel paid media strategy that included email, paid email, and paid social, we developed a framework that used refined audience targeting and consistent messaging to drive relevant traffic, conversions, and revenue.

For Scott Barber, we used the creative assets created by Britton Marketing & Design Group, our lifestyle branding partner, to develop and execute all campaigns, and our team tracked campaign efficacy and optimized and reported on our progress with monthly in-depth, channel-specific reports.

+231% Increased social commerce CTR from 1.3% to 3%
56.5% Decreased social commerce CPC from $0.46 to $0.20
84.04% Increased email transactions
90.95% Increased unique website purchases on all channels


  • Multichannel Strategy and Planning
  • Email Strategy, Marketing, and Automation
  • Paid Media Activation and Management
  • Performance Insight Reports
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