The Changing Landscape of Marketing

The landscape of marketing has experienced seismic shifts in the last decade. This book is written to help you understand what has changed and how to turn those challenges into opportunities.

[an excerpt]

"There was a time when businesses hired door-to-door salesmen to hawk their products. But as mom-and-pop shops grew into department stores, and consumers’ options expanded, businesses had to hire marketing professionals to reach and influence consumers.

Marketing departments usually had one solution for every sales challenge: find a demographic group to market a product to, and then spend billions of media dollars inundating that demographic group with advertising.

This approach worked for decades.

  • Businesses made products.
  • Marketers sold the products.
  • Consumers bought the products.
  • Everyone was happy.

But then everything changed. Now, nothing works the way it used to. The way it’s supposed to. Businesses are working smarter than ever, yet the results are less effective, less efficient, and less predictable.

Now, multi-channel attribution and marketing are the standard minimum for every business. "Digital-first" isn’t an option—it’s the rule, and mobile-first is the norm. The use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data is required to increase efficiencies, predict performance, and uncover and identify category and brand opportunities.

Identifying what, and why, things have so dramatically changed allowed us to identify the underlying drivers of said change.

And after years of success and failures, long discussions, testing, and research, the team at [B]RIGHT has identified six drivers of change that, taken together, have shaken our industry and forever altered the marketing landscape.

Together, these drivers have changed the way we segment and prioritize audiences, select and prioritize channels, and how we holistically plan and execute macro and micro campaigns. Together, these drivers have changed the way we activate our marketing campaigns and how we measure efficacy and ROI at scale and in real-time.

If brands don’t take each of these six drivers of change into account when planning marketing strategies and tactics, the results will suffer."


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