Welcome to a New Era of Data-Driven Marketing

Hello, marketers and data enthusiasts! We're thrilled to share some exciting news with you from the creative heart of Fort Wayne, IN. Britton Marketing and Design Group, your trusted boutique creative and branding agency, is embarking on a new journey. Today, they're proudly announcing the birth of its newest venture: [B]RIGHT Brand Performance Group.

Our mission with [B]RIGHT is to empower and transform data-curious marketers into data-informed leader.

Britton's Legacy: The Power of Nuance, Strategy, and Relevance

For more than 15 years, BRITTON has been at the forefront of visual brand expression strategies and refined brand tactics. Their ability to adapt, grow, and learn with the evolution of technology has added depth and relevance to its work, enabling them to continually push boundaries and create on-trend, memorable, and remarkable visual brand experiences.

Their journey into content marketing began in 2015, shaping their core competencies around audience relevance and resonance. By 2018, they had established a strategic blueprint for research and data analysis—a service that has evolved and increased in relevance within today's ever-changing marketing and brand landscape.

The Journey to [B]RIGHT: Uncovering the "New American Middle"

As Britton observed the rapid changes in the marketplace, they conducted an internal audit to better understand why they were successful with specific brands and services. This internal research project revealed a fascinating pattern: About half of US consumers, whom we've named "the New American Middle (NAM)," have one significant thing in common: their brand and purchase selections are strongly driven by shared values.

This eye-opening discovery led BRITTON to expand its in-house research and data analysis capabilities. They conducted more extensive data analysis, experimented with data science, and predictive modeling for its brand partners. After moderating over 40 focus groups, conducting 25+ survey research projects, having 1-1 conversations with more than 50 brand stakeholders, cleaning, normalizing, and analyzing millions of consumer and transactional records, they identified a golden opportunity.

Through deep market analysis, they realized that its in-house research and data analytics services were positioned for growth and ready to stand on their own as unique products and services. Thus, the idea for [B]RIGHT Brand Performance Group was born.

[B]RIGHT: Shining a Light on Useful Data

[B]RIGHT is a specialized, rapid marketing research, and data science agency. Our purpose is to help you, the data-curious marketer, become a data-informed leader. We aim to demystify data by showing you what data is useful and what data you can leave behind.

Brands that utilize a clear data strategy and use real-time data for decision-making consistently outperform those that rely on assumptive and non-repeatable strategies and tactics. "What has always made Britton successful is the blending and integration of creative strategy and functional brand expression," says Jeff Britton, Founder and CEO of Britton Marketing. "We're excited to help brands become data-informed leaders in their categories."

[B]RIGHT Services: Taking Your Brand to the Next Level

[B]RIGHT offers a suite of research and data science services, including primary research, brand values identification, audience strategy, and data analysis and statistical modeling. We aim to help your brand stay ahead of the competition by providing data-driven insights and strategies to drive growth and increase brand relevance.

"We are thrilled to launch [B]RIGHT as a stand-alone agency and extend our expertise in research and data analytics to a broader audience," says Niclas Hulting, VP of Research and Strategy at BBPG. "Our team has dedicated themselves to developing services that help brands future-proof themselves and create meaningful connections with their audiences. With [B]RIGHT, we're excited to help even more brands elevate their marketing efforts."

Our [B]RIGHT Team: A Blend of Expertise and Passion

At [B]RIGHT, we're not just a team; we're a group of seasoned marketers, data scientists, and research experts with a profound understanding of the current marketing landscape and the challenges brands face. Our expertise in primary research and data analysis has already helped numerous brands achieve success in their marketing efforts. Now, we're ready to bring this expertise to you.

[B]RIGHT Brand Performance Group is now open for business and welcoming new clients. We're eager to help you harness the power of data-driven strategies to drive your brand's growth and relevance.

We can't wait to embark on this exciting journey with you. Together, let's illuminate the path to a brighter, data-informed future for your brand!

We believe that with the right data and insights, every marketer can become a leader, every challenge can be overcome, and every organization can thrive. It is this belief that propels us to shed light on the most valuable data for our clients, guiding them towards informed decisions and sustainable success.

In today's dynamic business landscape, harnessing the power of data is not a luxury, but a necessity. [B]RIGHT is the partner you need to illuminate your path to success. Your trusted partner in navigating the complex world of data. Leverage our expertise to become a data-informed leader and secure a competitive edge in your market. With [B]RIGHT, it's not just about surviving in the data-driven era, but thriving