Using Social Media to Create Awareness and Drive Online Reservations

For hospitality brands, a successful social media strategy needs to accomplish multiple goals: create awareness, tell a consistent and engaging brand story, and drive reservations.

The Ask

Create more elevated and consistent social media content for two brands—Junk Ditch Brewing Company and GK Baked Goods—and develop an editorial calendar that built a strong sense of community to encourage repeat customers. Also, grow the social following and consumer engagement for both brands.

Our Solution

To elevate the social media presence of these two distinct yet intertwined brands, [B]RIGHT Brand Performance Group developed a messaging strategy built on four essential pillars: the customers, the local community, the dining/eating experience, and the ingredients. Our goal was to educate the audience on the many benefits of hand-made baked goods, and farm-to-fork dining, and to do so without seeming pretentious or unapproachable.

Activation and Marketing

We worked with our lifestyle branding partner, Britton Marketing & Design Group, to produce a content creation shoot for each brand. These shoots focused on elevating the look and feel of the brands while at the same time creating distinct personalities that could live in harmony.

Armed with this library of new imagery and our social media strategy, we created and managed daily social content on multiple channels. We also provided Affine with monthly metrics that were informative, transparent, and fit into a larger learning plan for the two brands.

10% Increased online reservations over a six-month period
72% Increased organic channel engagement
15% Increased organic social growth and acquisition on Instagram
22% Increased organic social growth and acquisition on Facebook


  • Multichannel Strategy and Planning
  • Content Strategy and Creation
  • Social Media and Influencer Marketing
  • Performance Insight Reports
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