Using Data Synthesis and Audience Segmentation to Identify Brand and Audience Opportunities

For category leaders like BraunAbility, maintaining a core audience is no longer good enough. In order to grow, and to fend off competitors, they need to reach out to new audiences without alienating their current audience.

The Ask

Identify new audiences that offer the biggest opportunity for growth, and then develop a messaging strategy that would help reorganize the brand’s communications around those audiences.

Our Solution

For opportunity identification projects, the solution is always found in the data. For BraunAbility, the team at [B]RIGHT Brand Performance Group pulled fast data and data from syndicated sources to get a sense of BraunAbility from the outside. We then reviewed the company’s sales numbers, previous strategy work, focus group findings, and past user identification efforts.

Using these data points, we were able to identify key opportunity audiences, and then we built detailed profiles for each audience. These profiles served as the foundation for all future messaging strategies.

Activation and Marketing

We worked with Britton Marketing & Design Group, our lifestyle branding partner, to take all we had learned about the opportunity audiences and convert it into an actionable marketing plan, a flexible communications architecture, and a new tagline and visual direction.

The final deliverable was a brand evolution blueprint that helped guide BraunAbility as the brand began to engage with these new high-value consumer segments.

Performance and Impact

The internal BraunAbility team was armed with new campaign creative and messaging, new sales collateral, and a refined purpose, all of which empowered them to help change the lives of new audiences.


  • Audience Research, Segmentation, and Prioritization
  • Data Synthesis and Modeling
  • Market Analysis
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