Our Activation Methodology

After 10-plus years working with partners in the media world, and many successes and failures along the way, the team at [B]RIGHT Brand Performance Group has figured out what we’re really good at:

At [B]RIGHT, we develop channel strategies with a singular purpose—achieving consistent, meaningful, relevant, and resonant brand impressions that lead to conversions.

Crafting multichannel content strategies in owned, earned, and paid media. We specialize in email marketing, and we excel at building out trigger-based automations and customer journeys.

Developing robust SEO and website strategies. We start with contextual audience behaviors and user flows to develop content architectures based on keyword strategies that factor in queries and search terms. Functional copywriting is our foundation.

Generating leads. We’ve created an incredibly effective lead-gen framework with the sole purpose of getting your brand in front of hand-raisers that are instantly ready to convert.

Reducing waste. Our channel expertise, along with our managed media ad-tech framework, allows us to reduce media waste, filter and eliminate spam and bot traffic, optimize for content and formats that are valued by newsfeeds and algorithms, and create content and messaging, at scale, that is resonant and relevant to your most important audience segments.

The importance of clarity. Communicating precisely and effectively about complex strategies and tactics in an ever-evolving landscape is key, and imperative, to client and brand empowerment and success.

Optimize, adapt, learn, and repeat. Every day channels add or remove features, increase targeting options, tweak their algorithms, introduce new formats, and so on and so forth. Brand activation is about being channel-agnostic and activating based on the greatest audience opportunity, not agency preference.

Data-Informed Channel Strategies—With Purpose

Here is some of the activation work we've done:

Hyper-Targeted Paid Media to Generate Business Leads

Using Hyper-Targeted Paid Media to Generate Business Leads for Modern Mill Solar

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Social Commerce, Acquisition, and Expansion

Leveraging Existing Data to Drive Sales for a Direct-to-Consumer Brand

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Direct-to-Consumer Strategy

Using Social Commerce to Drive Sales and Gain Audience Insights

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