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WooCommerce to Expand Product Listings With New Pinterest Partnership

Pinterest announced in mid-April that they have partnered with WooCommerce, a WordPress plug-in used for showcasing products on e-commerce sites. Pinterest has created an integration that allows WooCommerce product catalogs to be easily converted into shoppable pins along with the ability for these newly created pins to be tagged or turned into ads for use in Pinterest media campaigns. The update is opening the gates for an estimated 3.6 million WooCommerce merchants to take advantage of shoppable pins as a means for driving product discovery, consideration, and conversion.

UGC Stats & Trends You Need to Know in 2022

Consumer Acquisitions shared an infographic of 20 UGC stats and trends for 2022. In their research they found that UGC ads outperform conventional ads, gained 20 to 50% more user attention, and had 12x the engagements compared to other ad and post types. Overall they were able to equate a 28% increase in conversion metrics when comparing UGC content to paid content. Considering the performance improvements that are possible with incorporating UGC into marketing strategies, it is no surprise that there was a 19% plus growth in influencer marketing expected for 2022, and 66% of brands increased budgets for creator campaigns. According to Consumer Acquisitions, the UGC market is expected to see a 26.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2021 and 2028.

92% of Gen Z Users Want to Use AR for Shopping on Snapchat

Snapchat surveyed 16 thousand users and found some interesting shopping preferences among younger consumer groups. According to 92% of Gen Z respondents, this generation has a preference for augmented reality tools and sees them as an important means for engaging with brands and retailers. Compared to millennials and Gen X, Gen Z consumers are more likely to buy a product that they first experienced using AR, and over half would be more likely to pay attention to ads using AR. In short, AR is a media and engagement medium that is actively evolving and improving, and as user preference for AR continues to grow, its pace is not likely to slow down.

2022 Global Media Outlook

The 2022 Global Media Outlook Report published by YouGov takes a deep dive into the “Watch, Listen, Read, and Social” aspects of media consumption. Insights and identified trends support these findings across different demographics, and growth opportunities for media planners and brands are just a couple of the areas covered.

Leisure time spent on digital media continues to increase, and YouGov indicated there will be 36% growth rate for media consumption throughout the next 12 months. Streaming services continue to gain users, as 15% of people who do not use streaming are considering subscribing this year; the largest segment seeing growth with this format is Gen Z. In the coming year, 30% of consumers intend to increase their time listening to podcasts and 17% of consumers not currently paying for a music streaming platform are planning to subscribe. Lastly, the consumption of live TV by traditional broadcast or through streaming has increased over the last year, largely as a result of pandemic-related behavioral changes and the availability of the content through streaming services. Some of these findings are trends we have seen evolve over the last couple years, but detailed reports like this one continue to validate and enlighten us.

People Are Increasingly Comfortable Sharing Their Data According to Global Study

Technological advancements in the last two decades have changed how we live and work today; the real world and the digital world are intertwined, and so too are our digital footprint and data privacy. Different generations have divergent feelings on their data privacy. For some generations, there remains a lack of understanding about how personal data can enhance one’s online experience, help online businesses, and boost the economy.

Global Data and Marketing Alliance (GDMA) has been tracking consumer sentiment toward data privacy for ten years now and are on their fourth iteration of the Global Data Privacy: What the Consumer Really Thinks research report. The report had this key insight to consider: “While some media reports would have us believe people are more worried than ever before, the reality is more people are getting familiar with data and technology and in return concern is falling. Not to say we can relax. Indeed, to the contrary, we need more engaged and pragmatic minds around data.” As GDMA puts it, the public still does not understand how they are benefiting from their data being shared with companies and ad platforms, and they feel that the AdTech industry should do more to communicate this to the collective.

Digital Anthropology Insights: How to Approach Your Digital Transformation Journey

EX Squared published a white paper that observes marketing and how humans engage with the digital landscape from a slightly different perspective. Anthropology is the systemized academic study of humanity, including our evolutionary origins, how we behave, what makes us distinct as a species, and how our societies and forms of cultural expression are organized. In the case of EX Squared’s article, “Digital Anthropology,” they are looking at how individuals interact in the digital space considering cultural and expressive changes. Through this anthropological lens, they have observed four lessons gleaned from our nuanced relationship with technology: Stop thinking about technologies as “things.” They can be powerful sites of self-expression or extensions of group identity.Act like a digital anthropologist to better understand your customers and users: Take an unbiased and objective stance in your research.Becoming data-driven is more of a cultural shift than a technological one.Keep the focus on outcomes—not the technological path you follow to get there.

2022 Snapchat Generation Report, Key User Engagement Insights

Snapchat has published its 2022 version of the Snapchat Generation report. This 28-page report digs into key insights: trends in messaging, pointers on how to engage with Snapchat users, and ways to tailor your brand's marketing approach for the chat format. Snapchat’s differentiator is that users tend to share authentic and fun moments from real life with their friends, family, and other contacts; people they know and see in everyday life. 93% of Snapchatters claim to enjoy sharing and celebrating these moments on the chat-based app more than they do on other social media platforms.

Snapchat users, which skew toward Gen Z and younger millennials, are at the center of a societal change, and they’re experiencing a growing desire for authenticity and transparency in how individuals and brands communicate. As the report states, “Brands have to accept Snapchatters for who they are and consider ways to embed themselves seamlessly into this generation’s everyday conversations. Remember—openness and transparency are key for this.” Part of the appeal of the platform is the layering of fun camera filters and AR features, so brands would be wise to help facilitate the playfulness on the platform by aligning branding and strategy with play in the form of exclusive AR filters. Half of survey respondents saw these features as increasingly important for building deeper relationships on the platform, and this extends to brands that can create meaningful connections. Digital word of mouth could be a key goal for any marketing campaigns on the Snapchat platform.

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