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May 2021 Marketing and Tech News

Optimize Marketing Spend to Maintain ROI, Pinterest to Test Livestreamed Events this Month, TikTok Launches #FactCheckYourFeed to Support Media Literacy, PWAs Are the Next Big Thing for Mobile Experience, World's Largest Crypto Trading Platform Under Investigation by DOJ and IRS: Report, Facebook Tests New Warning Prompts to Stop Users Sharing Articles They Haven't Read, LinkedIn Provides an Overview of Effective Ad Targeting, TikTok Moves to the Next Stage of E-Commerce Testing a Key Shift for the Platform

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April 2021 Marketing and Tech News

Data Hacks at Facebook and LinkedIn, Demo of Social Media Users and Adoption in the United States, Supreme Court Sides with Google in API Copyright Battle with Oracle, Facebook Introduces Dynamic Ads for Streaming, Innovid Wants to Bring More Interactive Ads to CTV, and Instagram Brings Ads to Reels.

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